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Becoming parents is one of the most challenging periods of people’s lives. Raising children properly while balancing everyday life’s commitments, is one of our greatest generational challenges.

Children in this day and age require our attention while their needs are endless. To this extend we, as parents, find it many times challenging to keep up with new toy’s and items to satisfy our children’s increasing curiosity.

Our children grow so fast that keeping up with what drives their curiosity and imagination is really challenging. Therefore we usually end up with rooms filled with unused items that in the end we decide to throw away.

Our Mission

Bebify idea was created from the simple motto “Every item deserves a second chance” , extended to baby clothes, toys, books and other items related to children and babies.

At Bebify we are determined to offer quality and affordable second hand baby products to families around the world in an effort to promote the re-use of products in good condition. By enabling this we will contribute to the following aspects which we deeply care about:

Educate children and families about the benefits of keeping items in good condition; opportunity to re-sell

Enable families to reduce waste by reusing

Protect the environment

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