How it works


Sell Childrens' Clothing, Shoes, Books, Toys & Baby Gear!

Register and Upload Your Products

- With our simple registration process you may quickly create an account in our website.
- Upload the gently used products you would like to sell completing all required details.

We’ll Review Your Uploaded Products

- A product administrator will review your uploaded products and approve or respond according to condition, style and safety standards of your products.
- Upload at least 5 well taken photos showing all angles of your products and all their parts to make it easier for us to review your products.
- Upload a high quality video showing your products, showing all functionalities to validate that they work as intended, and show that all parts of your products are there.

Get Paid

- If we accept your products, you’ll have them available for sale in your store.
- When your products are sold, you will have to provide details of your availability for pickup so that our dedicated driver will be there.
- When your products are delivered to the buyer, and the buyer doesn't issue a return request within 24hrs, the amount of the product will be credited to your website account that you can use in the website to buy other products or withdraw to your Bank account.

Selling Tips

  • Upload high quality photos showing all angles of your products.
  • For products with many parts, take photos of all of them.
  • Upload a video with all angles of your products, including basic functionalities and all parts.
  • Equipment and toys must meet current safety standards and include all parts.
  • All products should be clean, have all their parts and be in a great working condition.
  • Clothes should be in ready-to-wear condition meaning should be clean and sanitized.
  • Clothes should be folded neatly or laid flat in a box or a bag.